23 May, 2024

Regional Centre




Ø  Housed in own building having carpet area of 9319.11 Sq.ft.



ØRC Building has Three Floors (Basement + 3 floors)


Ø  IT Facilities: There are 12 rooms in the RC equipped with Wi-Fi, Internet facility, 16 Desktop Computers, 11 Printers and 01 Photocopier Machine.


Ø  One small Library with 493 reference books /Journals


Ø  Student Support Centre (Help Desk): Regional Centre, Raipur set up a help desk to help the students for enquiry by face to face, telephone and correspondence. Further, this office made a provision to record the incoming call data and accordingly, the officials will revert to the learners whose grievances are not attended.


Ø  Material Distribution Division: The Regional Centre, Raipur distributes the study material to the enrolled learners whose details are received by IGNOU HQ.